Workspaces you'll wish were yours at Officeworks

Workspaces you'll wish were yours at Officeworks

Feast your eyes on the best organisational workspaces the internet has to offer.

Regardless of whether your taste in home office is chrome and gunmetal grey, traditional rustic, or Scandinavian minimalist, we’ve found well-organised spaces that suit a range of individual styles to inject some inspiration into your own home set-up.

And all are satisfyingly free of clutter.

A well-organised workspace is not only conducive to higher levels of productivity, but also creativity and concentration.

In their report in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that when a work environment is cluttered and disorganised, mess restricts a person’s ability to focus and limits their brain’s ability to process information.

If your workspace is a little cluttered, here are a couple of principles to keep things clear:

  1. Items you use most frequently should be visible and accessible
  2. Items you don’t use should be stored
  3. Shelves are good, but only if everything is kept in order. Best approach? Invest in stylish storage boxes.
  4. Infuse the space with your own personality, with colour, plants and pictures (or lack of them).
  5. Use drawers and doors. This reduces the amount of visual stimuli, giving your space a clean and minimalist look, perfect for putting you in a productive headspace. 

A minimalist dream, the Moon Box apartment

There’s a certain gravitas to a workspace designed with pure precision at its core.

Located in Kiev and designed by architect Den Rakaev, this space exudes confidence in spades and seems to set a new benchmark when it comes to clean, well-crafted and well-executed style.

Space and tone

This Mountain View townhouse squeezed an elegant home office into a tiny space.

When creating an office with limited real estate, you can’t afford anything in the way of mess or style inconsistencies if productivity and efficiency is the endgame.

It may be a small corner, but with a considered colour balance of black, white and pale wood, it has big style aspirations.

Take your paperwork vertical

Paperwork isn’t necessarily a bad thing, provided you have a plan for dealing with it.

The end of the paper-cluttered desk. Image source: Peltier Interiors

This is the sort of solution you only wish you’d thought of first – not only putting vertical wall space to good use, but doing it in a way that is easy on the eye.

Danish modernist design

Danish modernist design genius Finn Juhl created this home office with meticulous attention to detail, down to the chair itself.

Designed in 1942, this home office hasn’t aged a day. Image source: Henrik Sorensen

A clean, no fuss area, it’s a versatile space with broad appeal.

And as to its efficacy as a productive workspace, you only need look as far as Juhl’s globe-spanning design legacy for confirmation.

Solving the printer problem

Printers are often graceless, bulky contrivances that absorb more than their share of desk space.

And whether they’re eating up real estate on a table, on a stand or even on the floor, they can tarnish the style of the room.

But this answer is genius:

Neat and tucked away. Image source: Wentworth Studio c/o Houzz

This tip doesn’t just go for printers – hide any unsightly office equipment in drawers and you’ll feel more comfortable in your office to work productively.

Storage with colour

Effectively demonstrating the importance of colour co-ordination, this workspace turns simple storage boxes into a vivid statement of style.

Thematically consistent. Image source: c/o Pinterest

Taming the wilds of office supplies can be a challenge, but with coordinated décor, you can boldly store it all out in the open.

The colour contrast not only makes mass storage acceptable, but enhances the workspace overall.

Table, chair, window

Table? Check. Chair? Check. Window? Check. You’re good to go.

A beautiful home office doesn’t have to rely on accessories.

As far as office accoutrements go, this is about as bare bones as they come, but it makes full use of available assets.

With that floor-to-ceiling view, we’d work there in a heartbeat.

A (work) room with a view. Image source: Michael Haverland

Enhance your shelf-life

Some well-placed lighting on these minimalist bookshelves has turned this workspace into a haven of productivity.

Industrial but chic, this space manages to be clean and smart while adding a sense of edge.

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