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Battery World

Store No: 18b

Every year, thousands of new products are introduced to the market that rely on batteries or portable power. At some stage these batteries will wear out. When they do, our lives literally stop! The growing needs of the Australian replacement battery market led to the creation of Battery World. Since 1997 Battery World has become the largest and most comprehensive Australian retail franchise in the category, stocking advanced technology products and smaller, more portable battery solutions.

Lets add them up... television remote control, stereo and DVD remote controls, air conditioner remote controls, garage remote controls, torches, cordless phones, cordless tools, computer and games controls, watches, hearing aids, clocks, smoke alarms, toys ... the list goes on.

Now you only need make one store your home battery destination, your local Battery World store. We’ve got the right battery, at the right price and in most cases if you can bring the item into the store we’ll expertly fit it for you.

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Battery World
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Battery World is temporarily closed until further notice. Calls will still be answered.

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p: 02 6650 9588
f: 02 6650 9688

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